Brutes are a Chimeran strain that are quite likely the direct predecessor to the Ravager. They are exclusively featured in Resistance: Retribution, and are first introduced in "Lost and Broken" when one such strain kills two Maquis soldiers that are trying to close a metal door. They wield what seems to be a large chaingun in which its ammunition can be used for the IWAO-R Chaingun, but lacks the Ravager's shield from Resistance 2 and nor do they wield any plasma firing cannons. Brutes are most often spotted in the company of Advanced Hybrids, but two Brutes can also show up on the scene at once. They are very prominent figures on the scene as they tower above most of the other Chimera, with only the Titan and the Hammer standing taller than they do.


Ss preview resist16.jpg

Introduction of a Brute as it's about to kill two Maquis soldiers. (Note its size is exaggerated.)

  • Brutes pack a lot of firepower, and being exposed for too long while fighting them can result in a quick death. It is therefore recommended to take cover when they show up on the scene and either make use of the Fareye FR-1's secondary fire to slow time and score a few headshots, or fire away at them from behind cover with the Auger WS. *Shooting Brutes with a LAARK generally results in a one hit kill, but it is recommend for the player to conserve the LAARK's ammo for more difficult opponents.
  • The HE .44 Magnum, grenades, and XR-004 Allure are excellent use against them. Brutes will often advance on the player's position if the player donesn't shoot them, so it's best to keep them occupied. If they get too close, the firepower from their chaingun is even deadlier.
  • If the player have unlocked the Longbow 1S-1K, an overcharged shot from this weapon to a Brute's head will usually result in, as the weapon's name implies, a one-shot kill.

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