The Brutality Pack is a downloadable content pack for Resistance 3. The DLC features a Haven static and Graterford Prison theme, new character skin Mick Cutler. Two new modes are presented as well with seven tracks from Mastodon. The DLC was released on December 6, 2011 in the U.S. at $3.99 USD on the PSN.

Brutality Pack was removed in March 2014 from PlayStation Store, although only in Europe, around the same time of the multiplayer servers closure. However, Brutality Pack returned shortly after, possibly due to being also playable in singleplayer.

The Brutality Pack was later removed from the North American PSN Store.

Survival Edit

In Survival, you are in a darker themed Glamorgan Wales with offline/online co-op map fighting off against Grims, Leeches, etc. and trying to find new weapons and health to protect yourself.


Combos are achived through getting kills without being hit by attacks.

  • By getting combos such as 10 kills players receives 25 health, a 20 combo will reward 50 health.
  • Longer killstreaks grant increasing rewards, such as Molotov Cocktail at 15 and 60, Hedgehog Grenade at 30 and 75, Shrapnel Grenade at 45 and 90.
  • Kill combos 5 and 40 will reward you with a speed boost.
  • The kill combo rewards will loop once a 100 kill combo has beapen reached.
  • In later waves, Grims will start using their secondary attack of throwing rocks and flaming debris.

The player(s) are given a Sledgehammer to fend off the Grim horde, and weapons will be progressively unlocked, starting with the Auger at Wave 3, the Deadeye at Wave 4, the M5A2 Carbine at 5, the Bullseye at 7.

Weapons are upgraded from scratch, and require significantly less kill than in campaign to do so, the final weapon to be unlocked is the Mutator, at wave 18.

After wave 20, the Grims will spawn with multiplied health and significantly increased attack power, after wave 27, players can be killed by 3 hits, 4 on some occasions, the player's screen will also shake more when hit. 

Once wave 30 is completed, the game will end with the message "Congratulations, you live to fight another day".

Tips and TricksEdit

  • Weapons will spawn around the map in houses, so try and leave one Grim alive so you can search for them without worry of getting trapped in a house.
  • Grims tend to flock towards the ones who have higher upgraded weapons.
  • One tactic to split Grims up is to take positions on two opposite ends of the map, and hope to prevent swarming in that way.
  • Never get stuck inside of a house when the rounds begin. Grims spawn there and you will be swarmed before you have a chance to get out.