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During the later phase of the Chimeran War, the British Armed Forces was the only European military left resisting against the Chimera, with all the other European nations having being either destroyed or gone underground.



British soldiers fighting a Stalker.

The British military's numbers had been severely reduced by the war with the Chimera in the first three months, after which they resorted to guerrilla and unconventional warfare when the Chimera invaded Britain on October 1950. It is during the occupation that British military intelligence learned that the Chimera were commanded by Angels and were able to capture one for exchange with the United States for military support. However, the exchange ended in disaster during Operation Deliverance when heavily concentrated Chimeran forces annihilated American forces in York on July 11th, 1951. After the failed "American Resupply", the British kept fighting hard pressed in small skirmishes and special operations until the final joint assault in the Thames River during the Battle of London, which culminated in the destruction of the Chimeran Tower at the center of London and eradication of the Chimera throughout the United Kingdom on July 14th.

Following the end of Chimeran occupation in Britain, the British participated in the liberation of mainland Europe in Operation Overstrike and currently occupied in pushing back the Chimera through Eastern Europe and by 1953, already preparing to enter into Russia. Unfortunately, by 1957, they were pushed back by the Chimera and once more reduced to a guerrilla force.

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  • During the entirety of the campaign in Resistance: Fall of Man it is possible to save about 150 British soldiers and two dozen American Rangers.
  • The British Army is sometimes referred to as the British Resistance.