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Bristol is the seventh level of Resistance: Fall of Man.


Returning from Somerset after they learned about the Chimeran tower had been excavated, not constructed. Nathan Hale and Stephen Cartwright arrive at Southern Command to find it under siege by the Chimera. The race is on to evacuate the base and save as many as possible before the Chimera destroy the base.


Devil at the DoorEdit

As the level begins; you need to ignore two Stalkers while chasing after Cartwright and help the British soldiers to take out nine Hybrids. Go to the pathway, as you approach the hedgehog minefield, take cover. Once all clear, move forward and you'll see two Howlers coming your way, switch to Rossmore 236 and use your secondary fire to give two Howler a lead. Once two alien dogs are dead; Turn right to the field and kill at least 7 hybrids, go left to the gate. As you approach the gate; Titan arrives to blast the gate open, you going to use your auger sheild to protect you from Titan's fire shot and fires your energy shots to kill it, if your Hailstorm had a full ammo, use your auto-turret to finish it off. Once the colossal monster blown to bits, go through the gate where titan came from, turn left but be careful with those land mines, take cover if you go near it and try to aviod them at all cost. After you've past the minefield, go run up the hill, turn right as you reach the Chimera positon, quickly destroy five mortars with your XR-003 Sapper and kill 6 hybrids with your Carbine, Once their eliminate, head for the downhill, but don't go just yet, Use your L23 Fareye slow motion, aim for the Chimera's head, fire your ammo and reload your weapon if it's empty. Once you've killed them all, go down the hill, past the British soldiers, turn left and go straight for the base right in front of you, just don't worry about those enemies, soldiers can take care of them.


Parting WaysEdit

Intel DocumentsEdit

Skill PointsEdit

  • One Eye Dog! (3 points): Kill a Howler with the L23 Fareye.
  • A New Kind of Sourdough (4 points): Kill all enemies in the cafeteria of Southern Command with the XR-003 Sapper.
  • Pint In One Hand, Darts In The Other (2 points): Inside Southern Command, shoot the center of all four dartboards with the L23 Fareye.


See Bristol, England (level)/Transcript


  • The map in the canteen of Southern Command is not a British one because it has the Americas in the middle, instead of following the Greenwich Mean Time lines which has Britain in the middle.

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