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Bristol is a city, unitary authority area and ceremonial county in South West England and also the largest centre of culture, employment and education in the region. It was under attack and occupied by the Chimera in October, 1950.

Resistance: Fall of ManEdit

During the occupation of Bristol, the Chimeran forces launched an attack on the Southern Command, near the city. Sergeant Nathan Hale and Lieutenant Stephen Cartwright arrived in the outskirts of Bristol. They discover that the Chimera have been excavating a tower.[1]

Hale and Cartwright are able to assist the British Armed Forces in repelling Chimeran attacks while other soldiers were trying to evacuate the base. Later, Cartwright managed to hijack one of the Stalkers, allowing Hale to drive it out of the hangar and destroy several mortars and Titans. During the evacuation of Southern Command, all surviving British soldiers were flown to a safe zone in Cardiff, Wales. Expect for Nathan Hale, as he decided to go into the tunnel and follow the power conduits that mostly lie beneath the city of Bracknell.[2]


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