Brickyard, Oklahoma is a small-town community that was formed during and endured the Chimeran occupation. The settlement was created in the remains of an Acme brick company's factory located on the Oklahoma State Highway 11 between Blackwell and Kildare/Pop-Up. The factory had once been a source of employment for the area. During the Invasion of the United States, some of the Brick Factory's managers and employers moved into there and were eking out a living.

In January 1954, Brickyard was visited by New American Republic regulators who wanted the community to be part of the ever growing American Empire. The regulators chose the settlement as it was well within the Republic's reach and therefore were potential allies. The citizens of Brickyard agreed to the Republic's demands and had all been given a free innoculation of the Hale Vaccine as an incentive. However, after they had all been vaccinated and had packed their belongings ready for the trip to Tunnel-Through, a Chimeran Death Squad found them and the ensuing fight left both sides dead. Less than twelve hours later, a delegation formed of Haven citizens and the United States Armed Forces stumbled upon the remains of the Brickyard citizens and paid their respects by cremating them.