Breach is a multiplayer game mode featured in Resistance: Fall of Man and in Resistance 3. Breach is somewhat similar to the Meltdown game mode.

Resistance: Fall of Man Edit

In Breach the Chimera and Human forces each have a base with a generator in it. Each generator has only so many hit points, and the goal is to blow up your enemy’s while protecting your own. However, scattered in the field between the two bases are four nodes that can be captured. With every node in your control, your generator gains an automated enhancement, including landmines, sentry cannons, and more powerful weapon spawns for its defenders.

Resistance 3 Edit

R3 Breach Turret

Concept art of the Turret Node.

In Breach players must either defend or destroy nodes on the map. Those who have to destroy the nodes have 80 reserves, their objective is to first destroy the shield node, that protects the main reactor. When the shield node is destroyed the attackers can try to destroy the main reactor. The attackers can also try to destroy the turret node, that protects the defenders. The players who have to attack the nodes are at a big disadvantage because they have to destroy three nodes with only a limited number of lives. The defenders must try to protect all three nodes. The attacking team loses when they run out of reinforcements.

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