Bravo Team was a Sentinel unit of the SRPA.


Little is known of Bravo apart from on March 9, 1951 they managed to rescue Sentinel Joseph Capelli from a Conversion Center in Warsaw, Poland six weeks after Kilo Team participated in the ill-fated Operation Bellerophon in which Capelli became the only survivor of his team and later joined Bravo.[1]

On November 1, 1951, Bravo participated in Operation Icarus and suffered heavy casualties and the loss of SRPA Substation Kappa due to the apparent insubordination of Joseph Capelli. Capelli was demoted to Corporal for his insubordination and was sentenced to three months of inactive service. Bravo Team was never heard from again, but it is possible they have been decommissioned due to the costly aftermath of Operation Icarus.[1]

Team CompositionEdit


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