Bracknell is a co-operative map in Resistance 2.

Bosses encounteredEdit

Hybrid Overseer

Titan Overseer

Steelhead Overseer

Marauder Overseer

Ravager Primarch


Defending the beacon

The player must help defend salvage team Delta from waves of hostiles including steelheads, ravagers and titans. If this is the last objective, several titan overseers will attack Delta squad.

Destroy the factory

The player is tasked with disabling a factory used to make advanced drones by deactivating 2 hellfire turrets. The player will then be attacked by a Stalker. Once killed, the player will have to disable a supercomputer by activaing 2 resonance switches whilst being attacked by a predator drone overseer with resistant armor. This can be very fustrating as the only way to really kill it is to shut down the supercomputer, but the drone actively seeks out anyone disabling the switches.

Destroying the nodes

There are two variations of this objective in Bracknell.

1 Destroying the single node

The player will be tasked with destroying a node guarded by up to two steelheads and 4 ravager primarchs, as well as dozens of drones. This node is large so destroying it with grenades and weapons such as the Bellock and the LAARK will help.

2 Destroying the 4 nodes

The player will be tasked with following a steelhead primarch to a set of four nodes. After destroying a couple a Hybrid Overseer will attack the player.

Killing the MarauderEdit

The player will be tasked with killing a Marauder Overseer in the area. To get closer to it the player must fight through a titan, a wave of ravager and hybrids and two Hellfire Turrets, so it recommended to let the Special Ops deal damage from a distance. Please note that the Marauders saliva attack can still reach you from far away.


  • The Steelhead overseer you must follow is invincible until it reaches the chamber containing the nodes. If all its health is lost, it will be stuck in place outside the chamber. In order to kill it, you must reach the middle of the chamber, then it will lose its invincibility.