Bracknell is a small town and railway system thirty-six miles west of London, that was taken over by the Chimera in October, 1950 and used the location as a Chimeran node.

Resistance: Fall of ManEdit

After the Southern Command was obliterated and over fifty percent of British members were massacred by the Chimera, all surviving British troops were evacuated to their makeshift camp in Cardiff of Wales, except for Nathan Hale who refused to come with them and later entered the tunnels, lies beneath the Bracknell, following the underground power conduits for several miles until reaching the Tower C-3 in the London borough of Lambeth just twelve miles from the main tower. According to a diary found in the tunnels, a group of British soldiers chased a group of Cloven to Bracknell, but only to be hunted down by the same Cloven.[1]

After the London Tower fell and was completely destroyed by Nathan Hale, the entire reactor meltdown had caused the chain reaction that destabilized all the other towers in the network and eradicating all Angels across Britain mainland. The Chimeran creatures in Bracknell slowly begin to writhe and died within minutes. After the liberation of Bracknell, all surviving members of the British Army are investigating the ruins of five tower as they attempt to research and reverse engineering on Chimeran technologies and searching in every ruins of cities and villages for uninfected survivors.

Resistance 2 Co-opEdit

However, in December 14th, 1952 the Chimera return to reestablish their former base via dropships. SRPA analysts believed that the Chimera have planned on using Bracknell as a base for a mass attack on England. Due to the bulk of the British military being currently focused on their war efforts in the European continent, SRPA, led by Major Richard Blake dispatch Specter Team to contain the Chimera in Bracknell during Operation Viper Pit in December 18th, 1952.[2] On December 27th, Specter Team contained the Chimeran threat and prevented them from launching a sufficient offensive in England.[3] Also Specter procured several pieces of gray tech from within Bracknell.[4]



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