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Bouncing Betty

"Bouncing Betty" crashed in London

"Bouncing Betty" was a Black Ops P-1117 Kingfisher which Crashed in London during the Battle of London. P-1117 Kingfisher

The crash site was discovered by Nathan Hale during his solo movements in London and was largely unexceptional were it not for the number of American Black Ops soldiers Hale found dead inside. Everything about the VTOL is a mystery and only assumptions can be made.

It is not disclosed by any Intel documents or further elaboration as to the VTOL's mission but it can be assumed that the troops were seeking Nathan Hale due to the Black Ops Morse Code signals that had previously been heard by Hale referencing him as a person of value to be recovered as soon as possible.

It is also uknown as to why the Bkacl Ops team chose to use a British P-1117 to insert themselves into London. It could be assumed that because of the covert nature of their mission they chose to blend in with British Forces moving into London rather than reveal themselves. Or, it could be that Rachel Parker and British Command were aware of their presence and provided transport (although this seems unlikely).


  • This is the only recorded case of Black Ops soldiers using British Equipment instead of their own.
  • The crash site is discovered during the mission "A Desperate Gamble".
  • The Morse code signals emanating from the crashed Kingfisher are translated as "Visit RFOMPS3 dot com and enter node password frozen fortress".

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