Bonnie Hanson Gennaro was the wife of Frank Gennaro.

Her family went into debt which forced her husband to join the Army for financial aid in the form of Project Abraham. Bonnie solely took care of her children, Lydia and Willy, and saw to getting a dog for her husband's absence and sewing a graduation gown for her daughter.[1][2] Also, she and Frank signed a life insurance policy with the military in which Bonnie would receive the military's life insurance benefits should her husband die.[3]

Bonnie later received a letter from her husband concerning over the life insurance (given the experimental fatality of Project Abraham), which she was very upset in reading this and written back an reassuring letter to Frank that their family will make it through their debt.[2] Her husband had ensured in having his family being relocated to the Liberty Defense Perimeter; however, Bonnie was eventually excluded from gaining entry into the LDP.[4][5] Following Frank's death, Bonnie presumably gained his insurance benefits which would pay off their family's debt.


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