It's impressive to see the variety of found items the Maquis have marshalled inside the fortress. I've seen goods from all over Europe, even Africa; medical supplies from Benghazi Libya, grain and rice stores from Edime, Turkey, and even winter clothing from Bergen, Norway. All of it stolen. But my hat really goes off to the Maquis for the feat of moving an entire Nobusuma Industry Turbine into the generator room. A hundred of Germany's best Otto Fluge Ramjets would strain to accomplish what this Japanese Nobusuma did effortlessly. The Maquis are driven -- first they located an operational Nobusuma turbine engine, pilfered it, transported the behemoth all the way from Asia, and installed it deep within this underground facility. One of these could power Buckingham Palace. The Maquis fortress has been well-hidden, well-stocked, and a comfortable place to live. If the Chimera had never found the place, we could have lived down here forever.

-- Journal Entry, 03 September, 1951 -- James Grayson

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