Battleship is the fourth campaign level of Resistance 2.


After commandeering a captured Chimeran shuttle in a wood mill in Orick, Echo Team flies and infiltrates the Chimeran Battleship over the town. Once inside, Hale and Echo separated in planting detonation charges in key parts of the ship. Hale was tasked in finding the ship's bridge, and soon discovers that the Chimeran Fleet plans on breaching the Liberty Defense Perimeter by converging at Twin Falls, Idaho. After planting his charges, Hale attempts to reunite Echo Team when Joseph Capelli's charges exploded too soon. Causing Echo to hurriedly reunite at their shuttle near at the last minute and escape before the Battleship self-destruct.

With the knowledge of the Chimeran Fleet's convergence at Twin Falls, Hale and Echo Team flies to the town.

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Campbell (comic)
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