The Battle of Phoenix was a decisive Chimeran victory occurring in Phoenix, Arizona. The battle took place between the death of 34th US President Harvey McCullen[1] and fall of the Liberty Defense Perimeter on June 2nd, 1953 and before Assistant Secretary of the Interior Thomas Voss was first known to be the 36th President on July 3rd, 1953[2].

During the battle, the United States Armed Forces were overwhelmed and their General of the Army and America's 35th President Douglas MacArthur was subsequently killed by a Titan[3].


After the Liberty Defense Perimeter (LDP) was breached, the Chimeran Fleet swept over SRPA bases coast to coast and excavated unknown Chimeran Towers[4], seeing as there was a known Chimeran Tower 268 miles north of Phoenix already excavated by May 24th, 1953,[5] the Chimera could have conquered all of Arizona by the time of this battle, however this is not known. The United States Army could have been protecting a SRPA base, an unexcavated Chimeran Tower, the city of Phoenix or preventing the Chimeran advance through the LDP.


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