Donovan Cooley was dead onboard the VTOL that had crashed into the Seine during Cartwright's diversionary assault on the Paris Tower. Cooley was another bloke from death row. His cell was next to mine, and he was the only sane person I could talk with through a small hole in the wall. Whereas 'Screaming' Roger was a bonafide nutjob, and I was a brooding, caustic arse, Cooley was true to his name. You never would have known he was just days from death. Like he'd made peace with his life and crimes, and was ready to go -- not afraid of shit. A broken camera bearing SRPA markings was in Cooley's pack. It makes perfect sense that SRPA would have recruited him along with me and Roger. But thinking back on his monk-like demeanour, sage counsel on how I could make peace with Jonny, I'm getting a nagging suspicion Cooley was to good to be true. He was either a saint or a SRPA plant -- perhaps a little of both. He was probably placed there to suss out SRPA recruits and scout new talent for LaSalle to sweep in and recruit. What a bastard.

-- Journal Entry, 06 September, 1951 -- James Grayson

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