August 9th, 1952

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - President McCullen has recommended all American citizens
evacuate the continent as fighting in Australia has rapidly escalated into full civil war.
In recent weeks disease and starvation have spread across what was once considered
the world's last safe haven for refugees from the Chimeran War. An estimated eight
million people from across the world have fled to the island continent within the last
three years. The resulting overpopulation has resulted in strict rationing of food and
medical supplies. However, as supplies reached critical levels and supply ships from
other parts of the world all but ceased operation, violence in the country increased

President McCullen reiterated his call to all Americans to avoid the private vessels
offering an escape from the Chimeran threat. "America is still the safest country on
earth", he announced. "It is not only our duty, but it is also in our very best interest to
stay and defend our country. You are far safer inside the Liberty Defense Perimeter
than in any other location on the planet." Although some private ships are still offering
passage to Australia, it appears that the recent waves of violence have discouraged all
but a very few passengers from making the trip.

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