The Australian flag at the time.

Australia, since 1901 known as the Commonwealth of Australia, is a country in the southern hemisphere that may have remained under direct British rule for the early years of the Chimeran War.


Australia unprecedentedly became a place of refuge throughout the Chimeran War. In December 1949, 300,000 people were evacuated from Britain - mostly women and children, along with members of Parliament and their families - and sent to a refugee camp in Australia known as Avalon One.[1] Australia later suffered from severe food shortages, as the millions of refugees from both Asia and South America evacuated there as the Chimera were so far unable to reach the continent. Additionally, this was mainly due to the United States' strict immigration ban under the Noah Grace Administration.[2] Another factor that might of built up on food shortages is that Australia had lost food exports from countries and places that are invaded by the Chimera. As of 1952, an estimated eight million people from across the world have fled to Australia in the past three years.[3] The overpopulation of refugees forced a strict rationing of food and medical supplies, as diseases and starvation were becoming rampantly widespread. However, matters exacerbated as supplies reached critical levels and supply ships from other parts of the world all but ceased operation, causing a violent civil war to break out on August 9th, 1952.[3]

The event of Australia's misfortunes have discouraged nearly all recent passages to the continent, in which then U.S. President Harvey McCullen had urged Americans from escaping to the said continent in preference to the safe haven of the Liberty Defense Perimeter.[3]

The Chimera invaded Australia by 1957, and very likely, New Zealand as well.[4]


  • As depicted in Global Resistance, it is possible that the result of Australia's civil war has resulted in the two separate territories of "United Australia" and "Expanded Queensland."


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