The Battle of Bryce Canyon was a battle that started when Bryce Canyon was attacked by the flagship of the Chimeran Fleet on May 15th, 1953.

Chimeran Assault Edit

​Doctor Fyodor Malikov and his research team were stationed at SRPA Station Genesis and on May 15th, 1953, the Chimeran flagship breached the Liberty Defense Perimeter and attacked Station Genesis in Bryce Canyon. The Chimera successfully activated the Bryce Canyon Tower. Malikov and his research team were stuck in the attack. Malikov's escort, Yankee Company, were killed in the attack, most of them being transformed into Grims by Spinners. X-Ray Squad managed to be there too somehow, it's unknown if they were just stationed there or came to aid the others.

When Lieutenant Nathan Hale heard about the attack in Bryce Canyon, he took a VTOL to Bryce Canyon with five members of Victor Company. Major Richard Blake ordered Hale to make his way to the nearest inhibitor station, but Hale refused.

Upon arrival at Bryce Canyon, Hale and Victor Company made it through to Station Genesis. Then X-Ray Squad radioed them in on Emergency Channel Two, requesting support. Hale and Victor Company made it over to their position. Hale and Victor Four attempted to flank the Chimera and managed to do so with Victor Four being killed. After all the Chimera were killed, Hale and the rest of Victor Company infiltrated SRPA Station Genesis, leaving X-Ray Squad behind.

Hale and Victor Company eventually came across The Swarm which eliminated the rest of the Victor Company that were with him. Hale managed to escape and link up with Malikov. They killed The Swarm and escaped SRPA Station Genesis. Sentinel Team Haymaker came to extract them but was shot down by Titan fire, Echo Team arrived soon after and extracted them.

Aftermath Edit

The attack was succesfull for the Chimera. The Chimeran Tower was excavated in Bryce Canyon and Station Genesis was destroyed.