Anthony Puzo was the second in command in a Freedom First base near Custer, Montana. He was also the training officer for newly recruits for the organization.

Puzo was acquainted to Nathan Hale, who was at the time spying Freedom First as a raw volunteer, and was not too thrill to discover his true identity from Susan Farley. He along with Homer Munger and Farley interrogated Hale for reasons for infiltrating their training camp, in which Puzo was ready to torture him with a buggy whip. The interrogation, however, led Hale being released after hearing from his story about his search for Henry Walker, in which Puzo was flabbergast.

Puzo along with Susan Farley later tried to assassinate President Noah Grace at Denver, Colorado. But they failed and suffered return fire from Nathan Hale, which one of his rounds went straight through Puzo's throat and killed him.

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