The Alliance for American Autonomy (AAA) was an American isolationist organization that was opposed to the United States' involvement in foreign affairs and dedicated to the removal of U.S. President Noah Grace from office.


The AAA was founded in May 1949 and immediately attracted thousands of participants during its campaign against American re-militarization. Following the outbreak of the Chimeran War in Europe, the AAA at that time was currently unaware of the existence of the Chimera due to government censorship of the American media and becoming more militant in response to Noah Grace's authoritarian policies. These activities includes bombing the U.S. border crossings with Canada and Mexico, attacking and seizing military convoys, and vandalizing Army Recruitment Stations.

An anti-Alliance for American Autonomy pamphlet

In response, the government branded the AAA as a terrorist organization and began an effort in putting down the AAA through propaganda and federal crackdowns. The AAA was also the publisher of the America First - America Only which investigated the existence of the Chimera and government secrets such as Project Abraham, and advocating the enforcement of the First and Second Amendments of the U.S. Constitution.

The AAA was forced to go underground following a government raid on the America First - America Only news office on December 15th, 1950. Thereafter, the AAA apparently disbanded or turned into resistance group to fight the Chimera.

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  • The Alliance for American Autonomy (and especially the title of their newspaper America First - America Only) is undoubtedly based on the real life America First Committee which was against American entry into World War II, until it was disbanded after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.