Ada Brown was the wife of Reverend Ketchum Brown in Baltimore, Maryland. She sired three children Channing, Closton and an unknown.

In 1942, Ada was greatly devastated over Closton's death, which was accidentally caused by Channing. Ada and her husband did not know the actual circumstance of Closton's death and Channing remained blameless.

By the time Channing was at his adulthood and decided to join the Army, Ada was even more devastated from the thought of losing another child. On the day of Channing's leave, she begged her son from leaving at the front of their home but to no avail. Since then, Ada constantly prayed for her son's safety in Channing's bedroom and was kept reminded from her concerned neighbors from torturing herself.[1]

Channing, during his coming death at Project Abraham, later wrote to his mother about the truth of Closton's death and subtly warned her of the coming threat of the Chimera.[2]


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