Surveillance audio, bunkroom.

Transcribed by Project Abraham staffer, 11/16/50


OSTER: Shut up, you sissy - shut your filthy mouth!

HALE: Oster! Wake up ! Oster!

OSTER: What? What's your problem?

HALE: You were talking in your sleep again. What gives?

OSTER: None of your damn concern, Hale.

HALE: Well, you're keeping me awake, so it's my concern now.

OSTER: Just a bad dream, is all.

HALE: Yeah, I figured that part out.


OSTER: See, I used to bust up protest rallies and there was
this one guy - I roughed him up pretty good. You shoulda
seen him - one of my finer moments. I gotta say.

HALE: Then, why do you have nightmares about it?

OSTER: He was jabbering on about the military monster, or
some BS. He just wouldn't shut his trap. Even after I
cuffed him and handed him to the locals, he kept on


OSTER (CONT'D): Stuff I didn't wanna hear. Paris,
conspiracies, trash about President Grace, just all of it,
blurring up in my head. I started punching him. I
just...lost control.

HALE: Even after he was handcuffed?

OSTER: It was all I could do, all right? He wouldn't shut
up! Finally, the locals pulled me off. He lived, but it
want's pretty. Name was Elden. Elden Stockmeyer. Stupid

HALE: This was in Iowa?

OSTER: No, Florida. Now, if you'll leave me the hell alone,
I'd like to get some sleep.

HALE: Same here, so keep the volume down on your little
trip down memory lane, OK?

OSTER: I shouldn't have been picked.


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